How to manage your child’s social media privacy – whatsapp

Whatsapp is a free, messenger app for smartphones. WhatsApp uses the internet to send messages, images, audio or videos, so Whatsapp is significantly cheaper than texting. The app can also be used on a desktop. It is popular with teenagers because of features like voice and video call, location sharing, group chatting, and voice messaging.

The app forces users to add friends (your teen) through their phone number. They can also easily be added to group chats without consent. This means that people they do not know (Friends of friends) would have access to their phone number and consequently them.

This is why you must protect your child’s Instagram account. Wanna know how? here are 3 simple steps :

STEP ONE: Access the Whatsapp Settings

Launch WhatsApp by clicking on the app icon in your app drawer. Access the settings menu by clicking on the blue gear icon at the bottom right (IOS) or the 3-dot menu at the top right (Android) of the screen.


STEP TWO: Click on ‘Account’ and then on ‘Privacy’

For improved security, Whatsapp allows you to change 4 main settings:

  1. ‘Last Seen’ (this setting adjusts who can see if and when your child is online);
  2. ‘Profile Photo’ (this addresses who can view, save or share your child’s photo. this is especially);
  3. ‘About’ (who can view your child’s bio) and
  4. ‘Status’ (allows you to set who can view your child’s status updates).


STEP THREE: Adjust the Desired Settings


To change the ‘Last Seen’, click on the tab of the same title. There are three options here; ‘Everyone’ ‘My Contacts ‘ and ‘nobody’ For safety, it is recommended that you set the last seen to “my contacts” or “Nobody”






To change profile photo settings, click on the tab of the same title. There are three settings here; ‘Everyone’ ‘My Contacts ‘ and ‘nobody’. It is recommended that you set it to ‘My Contacts” or “Nobody”.







To Change the ‘About’ Settings, Click on the tab. You will find three settings here; ‘Everyone’ 

‘My Contacts ‘ and ‘nobody’. It is recommended that you set this to “My Contacts”.






To Change the Status Settings, open the ‘Status’ tab, where you will see three settings; ‘My Contacts’, ‘My Contacts Except…’ and ‘Only Share With…’. It is recommended that you set this to ‘Only Share With’ where you can select only the contacts you approve as viewers of your child’s WhatsApp.




There is no sure fire way to prevent predators from contacting a child online, however taking action would remove your child from the mix of potential preys. Here are surprisingly easy ways to keep your kids safe on social media.

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